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Re: life cycle of fedora4

On Thu, 2005-06-23 at 04:57, ody quraviharto wrote:
> hello all, 
> firstly I'm a newbie of Fedora. I wonder to know why Fedora release
> version so soon?
> I've just installed FC2 a year ago and now FC4 is released.
> I'm afraid that my FC2 can't be upgraded and goes into legacy product. 
> As a Linux user, I'm concerned installing new version of Fedora
> instead of developing application on Fedora, yes so my job is
> installing the new version, installing on and on.
> do I have to move to another longer-life-cycle distro?

Well, like others have said the whole point of Fedora is to have a short
release-cycle/bleeding edge distro. If you feel this doesn't suit you
there are of course other alternatives. If you'd like support from
RedHat then maybe RHEL is the right thing for you. If you'd like a more
stable distro without paying for support from RedHat then maybe you
should consider something like CentOS or any of the other RHEL rebuilds.
Or maybe you could upgrade every 2 or 3 Fedora releases and depend on
FedoraLegacy in the meantime.

There's no right answer for everyone - as a developer I prefer to have
the latest versions of gcc and other development tools so Fedora is
perfect for me. In my role as a sysadmin however I don't feel that
Fedora is particularly well suited to run on a server.

"Choose your poison" :)


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