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Re: various missing packages in FC4

On Thu, 23 Jun 2005 08:22:11 -0400, Temlakos wrote:

> Recently I installed the Smart Package Manager (http://www.smartpm.org/) 
> and /finally/ figured out what I was doing wrong. Apt, yum, and other 
> PM's routinely and implicitly give you a channel to the installed base 
> of packages on your system. Smart, being a "universal PM," does not--so 
> you have to /tell/ it where to find your installed base. Fortunately, 
> that's not too hard: you add a "channel" to "RPM Installed Packages."
> Once you do that, you add channels for all your yum repos, and other 
> channels "Mirror information (up2date format)" for all your mirror 
> lists. Then you rank your yum repos ("RPM metadata") in order of 
> priority. I set base, updates-released, extras, livna, yjl-noarch, 
> yjl-i386, jpackage-generic, and jpackage-fedora to the highest priority. 
> Then I can add freshrpms and dag at a slightly lower priority, and 
> at-stable at a still lower priority. That way, packages don't break one 
> another with conflicts.

This is very interesting, I'll give it a try, thanks!

> Beyond that: Livna has a version of MPlayer, but I found it broken. So I 
> made an exception for MPlayer and gave FreshRPMS version the highest 
> priority.

How's the livna mplayer broken? I just installed it, and seemed ok, though
didn't test it very thoroughly. 

> gtkam is obsolete. Now, when you plug in your camera or card reader, it 
> automatically mounts as a USB file system. So you work with your 
> pictures in Nautilus, using Nautilus to transfer or delete them.

Excellent! I wish that was in the release notes. 
> Extras should have apt--I'm sure I saw it there. I haven't seen synaptic 
> in awhile, though.

It does, I installed it from there, it's just that it gives that error
that I posted initially about missing mirrors file. But following Michael
Peters' advice, I converted to yum. 

Thanks for the info, very useful!

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