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Re: On Board RAID.

Am Do, den 23.06.2005 schrieb Patrick Luk um 16:52:

> I have a ASUS A8N-SLI that has 2sets of 4 SATA RAID headers. (1set from
> NVidia and the other from Silicon Image).

I have the same board. Tip: get a new Nforce chipset fan as early as you
can. Here in Germany you can get one for free by asuscom.de as the very
fast rotating fans are failing quickly (mine after less than 2 month
24/7 run).

> My question is whether we need to install the software driver when we use
> this hardware RAID functionality?

None of the controllers are real hardware RAID controllers, as Matthew
already said.

> I've tried to disable the raid functionality and use mdadm and it works
> fine.

Right, forget the RAID functionality the motherboard manual tells you
about (might be useful when running Windows®, because only the very
expensive versions support software RAID like Linux does
out-of-the-box). Use Linux software RAID as you do. You do not loose


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