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Re: Fedora Core 2/3/4 - How Much Ram Can Be Used?

Am Do, den 23.06.2005 schrieb Browder, Tom um 18:13:

> I have a Gigabyte dual server board with two AMD MP 2000 (32 bit)
> processors mounted.  The board will take 4 Gb memory.  

You can't use 4GB of RAM if you place in that much. This is because of
32bit limitation, as the system needs up to 512MB for address space
mapping. Typically (depends a bit on how much cards and other I/O stuff
you have in that machine) you have up to 3,5GB usable RAM.

> Will FC (any version) use more than 2 Gb for one process?


The 4G/4G patch was dropped some time ago

* Do Dez 09 2004 Dave Jones <davej redhat com>
- Drop the 4g/4g hugemem kernel completely.

so the current FC3 and FC4 kernel have 3G/1G; IIRC the latest FC2 kernel

> Tom Browder


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