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Re: Your experiences with S-ATA drives?

Peter Boy wrote:
I'm considering to buy S-ATA drives for my new FC3/FC4 machine, but I'm
wondering whether I might run in endless trouble with them. There are so
many reports here about problems to get FC 3/4 even installed.

I consider to buy: Shuttle SN95, AMD 64 nForce3 Ultra with internal S-
ATA Raid 0, 1, 0+1 (the one, where S-ATA is supposed to work)

I would like to use 2 drives in a Raid 1 (mirroring) configuration.

Can someone report success with this kind of configuration (and perhaps
give some hints about installation issues?)

Thanks in advance

Used SATA drives for 1.5 years and no problem in FC1. Using software raid as the chip is a fake raid chip.

I had to install a kernel module at the time and it wasn't included with the distro.

I install the OS on a IDE drive and use the SATAs for /home

I am about to install a second SATA controller card and two more drives to expand the /home directory when I upgrade to FC4.

I wanted a SATA RAID card but the ones I want need PCIx which I don't have.

Robin Laing

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