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Re: Another FC4 installation problem

On Thu, 23 Jun 2005, Dotan Cohen wrote:

> I have been saving all the threads concerning FC4 instalation problems
> from the beginning, but the problem I ran into was not covered in opne
> of them. Also, the solutions presented to various probems from
> fedorafaq and fedoraforum failed to present me with a working install.
> After the About to Install screen I get this warning:
> Error about informing the kernel about modifications to /dev/hda3-
> device or resource busy.
> So I Ignore it and an immediatly presented with:
> Exception occured.

I saw this on a kickstart install (x86_64). Curiously enough I repeated
the same install and it worked second time around. I was mirroring disks,
the first disk had a Windows partition on it that I was overwriting, and
the second may have had its geometry modified (ie. number of virtual heads
put up to 255).

	Michael Young

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