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evolution OOo & addresses

Hi All,
OOo 1.1.2
Evo 2.0.4

I have a spread sheet of addresses (tab deliminated) I want to load into the evo/ooo address database. Evo provides for import of only ldif or vcf files; when I open the database in OOo it seems to be locked for editing. OOo seemed to offer the best way to manipulate/import these addresses, but it seems locked and wont edit. Any ideas?

Also, under menu "Tools -> Data Sources... -> Addresses -> [Data source URL] ... -> Data Source" there are options to select different address book types. I use Mozilla Thunderbird so it would be good to access this from OOo, but changing between the sources to Mozilla seems to have no effect on the Tables available under the Addresses database. Is there any explanation/howto about how this is meant to work (or not?) anywhere? (The OOo help is meaningless...)


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