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Re: evolution OOo & addresses

On Fri, 2005-06-24 at 11:03 +1200, MR wrote:
> Hi All,
> Running:
> OOo 1.1.2
> Evo 2.0.4
> fc3
> I have a spread sheet of addresses (tab deliminated) I want to load into 
> the evo/ooo address database.  Evo provides for import of only ldif or 
> vcf files; when I open the database in OOo it seems to be locked for 
> editing.  OOo seemed to offer the best way to manipulate/import these 
> addresses, but it seems locked and wont edit.  Any ideas?

vcf is a relatively simple text-based format, so at worst, it wouldn't
be hard to code something up that reads your tab delimited file and
converts it to vcf (does your version of OOo have a scripting language?)

I'm not volunteering though ;-)

> Also, under menu "Tools -> Data Sources... -> Addresses -> [Data source 
> URL] ... -> Data Source" there are options to select different address 
> book types.  I use Mozilla Thunderbird so it would be good to access 
> this from OOo, but changing between the sources to Mozilla seems to have 
> no effect on the Tables available under the Addresses database.  Is 
> there any explanation/howto about how this is meant to work (or not?) 
> anywhere?  (The OOo help is meaningless...)
> Thanks,
> Morgan.

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