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Re: No solution to crond excessive logging to messages yet?

Am Fr, den 24.06.2005 schrieb Randall Shaw um 1:45:

> Regarding: 
> https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-list/2005-February/msg06858.html
> After futzing with the log level for "auth" in syslog... I have come to the
> conclusion that it was poorly implemented in the crond daemon. I HAVE to set
> logging from 'auth' to 'auth.none', as no other log level squelches the
> messages. To me, that is poor implementation, that such useless messages are
> considered "emerg" level log events!
> Has anyone come up with a better solution to this issue, and I didn't catch
> it in the list archives?

> -Randall Shaw


That was my suggestion. You do not drop the messages but put them in a
different log file, so you still have the ability to have a look at them
to recognize something unusual.


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