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Re: Problem with FC4 on X with Trident Cyberblade 9525

On Thu, 2005-06-23 at 10:15 -0400, Mulligan Fritz wrote:

> Try hitting Fn-<whatever> to swap between the internal LCD and external 
> monitor.  It should make the screen render.  As far as getting it to 
> work completely.... good luck.  I gave up and went back to FC3.  You can 
> try nofb as a kernel option and make sure it's set to a color depth of 16.
> Alternatively stop using the trident driver and use the vesa driver at a 
> color depth of 16.
> You may also be limited to 800x600 for your res.

dear Fritz,

I've tried to switch back between LCD and the VGA external. Even when
the 1st time I encountered this, actually I was on my VGA with KVM
switch. Both LCD and VGA external produce white screen only.
"nofb" option and "resolution=800x600" option already tried also.
Then I proceed the installation with "linux text". But after the system
is installed, it still cannot run the X properly. What annoys me also is
that I also cannot access the virtual console, because the screen is
either blank white or greenish. Only when I did Ctrl-Alt-Backpspace to
stop X it becomes normal, but the only option left is just to reboot.

I gave up and back to FC3.

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