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Re: grub very strange problems

On 6/23/05, Tony Nelson <tonynelson georgeanelson com> wrote:
> At 2:30 PM -0700 6/23/05, Thomas Taylor wrote:
> >When I do 'ls -ap /boot/grub' it indicates that @menu.lst is the symlink and
> >grub.conf the original.  Am I misinterpreting this?
> When booting from a /boot partition, the grub menu file needs to be on
> /boot.  Having it reside in /etc wouldn't be much help at boot time.
> If there is only /, then a symlink to /etc should work at boot time.

Well something weird has happened, it doesn't display the menu again,
and all the three files are real files.

I tried to do "cat /etc/grub.conf" grub didn't find the file... and
it's there. Then I tried the same for
/boot/grub/{grub.conf,menu.lst}... same problem. I even did a "cat
/boot/grub" then I hitted tab... it seems grub can't find the folder.

I have only one root (/) ReiserFS partition, no home, no boot.

My best guess is that whatever grub is using to access ReiserFS
partitions is outdated or has bugs.

Felipe Contreras

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