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Re: CD player problems

Saurabh Siddharth wrote:

Nathaniel Alderson wrote:

Hi all,

I'm having multimedia problems. When I fire up gnome-cd and press play I get the following error:

(gnome-cd:4067): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_pad_send_event: assertion `GST_STATE (parent) >= GST_STATE_PAUSED' failed

and nothing happens. I really wanted to test out some headphones I was borrowing so I thought I would rip the disk and listen to the songs using rhythmbox but after ripping the CD and trying to play the ogg file I got the following error:

GStreamer-WARNING **: element pipeline claimed state-change success,but state didn't change to PLAYING. State is PAUSED (NONE_PENDING pending), fix the element
Got error opening "file:///home/ ...

Any help would be appreciated.


I found this from yum about xmms-cdread.i386. You can install xmms and xmms-cdread.i386 and then try playing cd with xmms.

xmms-cdread.i386                         0.14-6.a               extras
Matched from:
Digital audio CD input plugin for XMMS
XMMS is a multimedia (Ogg Vorbis, CDs) player for the X Window System
with an interface similar to Winamp's. XMMS supports playlists and
streaming content and has a configurable interface.

This is the input plugin needed to play audio CDs digitally, i.e. without a connecting cable between the CD drive and sound card.

Maybe this can help.

I should of mentioned this is a x86_64 install. I installed the xmms-cdread and that worked fine reading from the CD as well as playing the ogg files. I don't suspect an unconnected cable because I could listen to CDs under FC2.


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