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Re: How to boot FC4 from removable media

On Thu, 2005-06-23 at 21:47 -0400, Jorge A. Colazo wrote:
> I could not find help in the archived messages for this:
> I am switching from FC1 to FC4. My machine has 2 hard drives, hda with
> Win XP and hdb for Linux.
> I noticed during the installation process that FC4 no longer seems to
> give the option of creating a boot floppy or cd (as FC1 did). 
> I do not want to install GRUB or LILO, since I will use Linux only
> sporadically , and then I feel more convenient to insert a boot floppy
> when I need it to start Linux rather than touching the MBR ( i know a
> couple of fellows who had problems with the boot loaders).
> My question is : Can I still anyhow make a boot floppy or CD to start
> FC4? How?

Install grub into the partition you install Fedora onto rather than the
MBR (there is an option in the installer to do this).

You then have a choice of either:

(a) adding an entry to your existing XP bootloader menu to boot Linux
(this does not affect your MBR); this can be done using for example
bootpart (http://www.winimage.com/bootpart.htm).

(b) make a grub floppy that will chain-load the version of grub you
installed onto the Fedora disk. It's better to chain-load grub rather
than just copy the kernel/initrd etc. entries from the Fedora grub.conf
into your floppy's grub.conf file because with the chain-loading method
you don't need to fix the floppy every time there's a kernel update.

P.S. Please try to avoid posting HTML to this mailing list if at all


Paul Howarth <paul city-fan org>

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