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Re: media check fail

This is a very common problem.
First of all U should get sha1sum of ur download correct.
Second to get a mediacheck PASS cd there is something related to
cd-burning by name 'padding' parameter. If u know this fine else do as
I got around this problem -

Do not burn first cd on a CD-R but do it on a CD-RW. bcoz fedora was
not up and running and the roaster brand on linux refused to accept
the CDRW brand!! Anyway I got CD-RW burned in WinXP. Maybe CD-RW
burning rule book does not encounter this padding issue (I guess).

After I got fedora up and running I compared FC4's CD1 contents on
CD-R (mediacheck Failed) and CD-RW (passed) by calculating sha1sum of
every individual file an bith CD's. Voila it was dot same.
Even the sha1sum for the two files, storing redirected output of
sha1sum calculation of all file on inidvidual CD's was same.

For remaining 4 CD I did work with media check fail on CD2n3 pass on 4
BUT all sha1sum were OK for the downloaded isoimages.

On 6/24/05, Bob Parker <bposs dodo com au> wrote:
> Knute Johnson wrote:
> > I've read several people say they did a SHA1SUM on the disks.  Is 
> > that possible or did they actually do it to the ISO file?  If it is 
> > possible, could some body tell me how to do it?
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > 
> > 
> For what you have on the hard drive:
> sha1sum something.iso
> For what you have burnt:
> a. mount the cdr
> b. df
> c, get the number of 1 k blocks on the cdrom device, divide that by 
> 2 to get the number of 2k sectors.
> d. unmount the cdr
> d. readcd dev=/dev/hdc f=- sectors=0-<number of 2k sectors> | sha1sum
> To avoid read errors or incorrect sha1sum do not use readcd without 
> specifying the sector count.
> Substitute /dev/<your device> for /dev/hdc as required.
> If you are using a dvd device to read your cdr you might get away with:
> dd if=/dev/hdc bs=2048 count=<number of 2k sectors> | sha1sum
> instead of readcd.
> Bob
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Anil Kumar Shrama

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