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Re: Browsers for those IE-only sites

On 6/24/05, Edward Dekkers <edward tripled iinet net au> wrote:
> > Thanks, I'll go do that. I saw mention of the KHTML engine, the opera
> > engine, and the gecko engine. I assume that there is an IE engine, as
> > well (the basis of IE)? Of course it would not be open source, but are
> > there people working on an open source equivelent? Like open office is
> > to MS office? It would have to be reverse-engineered I assume, but a
> > lot of other stuff has been reverse engineered already. If myself, not
> > a programmer, wanted to encourage the start of such a project, then
> > how would I go about doing that?
> >
> > Dotan Cohen
> I would urge you STRONGLY not to even think about going that route.
> As people on this list here have mentioned, it is the web sites that are
> at fault, not the browsers. The non-IE engines are pretty much all W3C
> compliant, and really, that is more than enough.
> We need to discourage web masters from using proprietary Bill Gates code
> in their web sites, otherwise we're saying it's OK for one man to rule
> what browser we use.
> This sound right to you?
> I didn't think so.
> "Proper" web sites work with any browser as long as they stick to the
> accepted W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) guidelines, in fact a lot of
> them now show the W3C logo on the page to say they're compliant.
> Regards,
> Ed.

Problem is, in my opinion, that those 'webmusterers' use microsoft
tools to design those sites. Frontpage, for instance. Which is logical
as they use a microsoft OS and microsoft office applications.

I aggree they they must be pushed to use standard code. But that won't
happen until they switch tools, something that I don't foresee
happening. Israeli sites, in particular, are very bad in this respect.
And there are few alternatives, none in some cases.

I myself can live without these MS-only sites, but my better half
cannot. So I will happily run IE in wine for her, and she is smiles
despite the fact that both of us know that she would prefer windows
and IE and Word. She doesn't care if the computer has a virus or spy
because it doesn't affect her daily computer use: webbased email and
Word documents. But she puts up with me and my linux because she loves

If we want people like Ety to use linux, we must give them a
comparable user experience to that of windows. Open Office 1.x didn't
even come close to MS Office, we'll see how beta 2 does now that I
installed FC4. But as for her websites, I must find a solution soon.

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