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Connecting 2 computers to the internet

Ety finally convinced me to connect her WInXP box to the internet. I
don't see the need of a router, so I will just diasy chain the two
computers and the modem.

What is preferable: Connecting the FC4 box to the router and serving
the WinXP box, or vice-versa? I intend for the main work box to be the
FC4 box, so I don't want to slow it down. Will I slow the machine down
considerably if I act as a router to the WinXP box? On the other hand,
will my internet connection be slowed down if I connect the FC4 box to
the modem via the WinXP box?

The FC4 box is a Duron 1200mHz with 512 ram, and the WinXP box is a P4
with 256 ram. The computers are on a KVM, so work will be performed on
them one at a time, but Windows Media Player 10 is _always_ running on
the WinXP box.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with me.

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