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Re: who is killing nfslock? [SOLVED=ABSURD!!!]

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François Patte a écrit :
| Bonjour,
| I try to use NIS and autofs to setup a local network. When a user wants
| to log on a client through gdm it is impossible. This requires that
| nfslock run on the client and on the server, but I am unable to start
| nfslock on the server:
| ~  ~]# service nfslock start
| Démarrage de NFS statd :                                  [  OK  ]
| But immediately after that if you ask for the status of nfslock, you get:
| ~ ~]# service nfslock status
| rpc.statd est mort mais le fichier pid existe
| that means that rpc.statd is died but the pid file exists.
| Who could help me? This is really irritating!
| I run FC3 on the server and all packages are up to date.

I took the binary rpc.statd from an FC1 distribution and replaced the
FC3 corresponding binary by that one!!!!

Seems to me quite absurd!

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François Patte
Ecole française d'Extrême-Orient - Pune - India
Université Paris 5 - Paris - France
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