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Re: Is it possible to use Borland Kylix 3 on FC3??


I use the kylix3 under fc2, kernel 2.6.5-1.358smp. Debug and developement enviroment are fine too. For me Kylix doesn't work after kernel 2.6.9. (Notorius hang up under debug, and many other memory problem)


dfghd tyuthjg írta:

--- Bo Berglund <bo berglund telia com> wrote:

i used to have Kylix on my RH9 and then FC2.

To tell you the truth, Borland stopped supporting
Kylix. I guess it's because they went on using Java as
base lang, and their products written in Java works
fine (I have JBuilder 2005 and CBuilder X installed on
FC3, works just fine). Don't know why they didn't
rewrite Delphi into Java. Anyway, Kylix is dead.

I had many troubles installing Kylix even on RH9. i
had to apply patches and install compat libs and edit
stuff. Even then, when i upgraded to FC2, again had to
do some stuff to get it working. And, eventually,
after i upgraded to kernel to some 2.6.xxx, it stopped
working absolutely. I then read on some forums, that
2.6.xx kernels changed some memory handling stuff, so
Kylix won't work on these kernels. That's it.

If you want to work with Kylix without troubles, you
definitely need RH7.

Mike B

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