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Re: Connecting 2 computers to the internet

On Fri, 2005-06-24 at 06:21, Dotan Cohen wrote:
> Ety finally convinced me to connect her WInXP box to the internet. I
> don't see the need of a router, so I will just diasy chain the two
> computers and the modem.
> What is preferable: Connecting the FC4 box to the router and serving
> the WinXP box, or vice-versa? I intend for the main work box to be the
> FC4 box, so I don't want to slow it down. Will I slow the machine down
> considerably if I act as a router to the WinXP box? On the other hand,
> will my internet connection be slowed down if I connect the FC4 box to
> the modem via the WinXP box?
> The FC4 box is a Duron 1200mHz with 512 ram, and the WinXP box is a P4
> with 256 ram. The computers are on a KVM, so work will be performed on
> them one at a time, but Windows Media Player 10 is _always_ running on
> the WinXP box.
> Thanks for sharing your experiences with me.

The hardware router/firewalls are very cheap and easy to setup.  You
should be able to find a linksys, netgear, or dlink router for $50.00 or

If you don't want to go that route then the best setup would be to use
the linux box as the firewall/router.  As to performance impact it all
depends on how much data is being pushed through the Internet

Scot L. Harris
webid cfl rr com

You will remember something that you should not have forgotten. 

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