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Re: No account e-mail?

Ashley M. Kirchner:

>   I have several users who don't need a physical account but would
> still like to be able to send and receive email.  How can that be
> accomplished?

Install Courier-MTA =)

Might be a bit overkill for just a few virtual accounts, but oh think of the
possibilities once you have that running on your server! I have used
Courier-MTA for the last 5 or so years, and I simply enjoy it over all 'that
other miscellaneous stuff'.

I'm sure someone here knows of a simpler way to get sendmail, and uh...
imapd to work with virtual users while also keeping the local unix users in
the mix as well.

You could google for it: virtual and local users with sendmail imap fedora

However when I did that, I got a bunch of useless stuff, and most had the
installation of courier-imap, and cyrus, and postfix, and and and and etc.

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