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Re: Browsers for those IE-only sites

On 6/24/05, Robin Laing <Robin Laing drdc-rddc gc ca> wrote:
> This a cop-out.  It is being lazy.  There are many standards based WWW
> sites that use the same tools.  The Webmasters take the time to
> configure and build the correct templates to ensure compliance and
> test their pages.  Again, it is the designer to ensure that they
> follow the standards.  Lazy designers create crappy pages.

It may be a cop-out for english websites where you have so many to
choose from. Walla, the Israeli version of Yahoo, has almost no
competition. She must continue to use her Walla email address, but the
site just doesn't work on firefox or Opera. I have sent them numerous
emails. They're response is: get a windows computer. And we have one,
so why shouldn't we use it (her argument). If there are viruses
running around in it, she doesn't notice. It JustWorks (in the words
of another popular poster).

> Yet my wife wants a new laptop and it has to have Linux on it.  She
> cannot stand the crashes and virus problems.  Heck, she has an new Mac
> laptop for work but she still wants to get a Linux notebook.  I love
> my wife for this.  :)

What's her number? Is she cute? Oh, wait, shes already married... So am I...

> My wife uses OOo for both home and work as it works better than MS
> Office when moving documents between different users.  She came across
> her first problem with OOo beta last night.  I downloaded the latest
> beta but I don't know if it is working.

For her studies they have to turn the papers in in .doc format. This
and that width, so and so height, that font, this margin,... She NEEDS
that stupid program. Or should I tell her to find a new,
standards-compliant professsor?

> As you say, your wife doesn't care about the headaches but let windows
> trash itself and slowdown due to spyware and trojans and see what she
> thinks then.

Truth is (don't tell this to Ety), I think that Fedora is sluggish.
Even if MS is slowed-down because of trash, it is responsive. And the
start-up time is about on third that of FC3/4.

> Let your wife buy her own computer and let her know that she has to
> maintain it.  Let her know the work that is involved.  Of course many
> people say XP Pro is very stable but not from my experience.

Maintaining linux is easy? She doesn't know how to cd into the
Desktop!!! That's the worst argument I've ever heard- that maintaining
a linux box is easier than maintaining a windows box. Come on. Think
of a better one than that!

> As my retired father said to me a week ago.  Linux just works and works.

Linux doesn't just work and work. It takes maintaining (yum,
configuration). I plug the windows box into the cable modem and I'm
online. The Linux box took me over two hours to get online, and that
was while I was searching google on the windows machine for answers! I
don't mind, but that may be because I like to get my hands dirty. Ety
doesn't. She wants to use a computer, not maintain a computer. Like
going to the zoo to see elephants instead of raising one at home (we
have a dog and a rat, no elephant). I happen to 1) like Linux, and 2)
dislike windows. Thats why I use it. Ety likes 1) windows and 2) me.

> Robin Laing

Dotan Cohen

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