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Re: Yum update problem


This only deepened the mystery for me,
as it seemed to be concerned with the issue
whether livna was compatible with fedora.us ,
which raises the further question of the relation between
fedora.us and the "official" Fedora distributions.

Are _they_ the same?

Lets get back to the basics. Red Hat originally shipped Red Hat Linux. There were several third party repositories that had a assortment of packages that complimented Red Hat Linux. Fedora.us was one of them headed by Warren Togami and others. Red Hat then decide to split up its platform to Red Hat Linux project and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Somewhere down the line it was decided that merging up with fedora.us efforts would a good idea. Warren Togami got hired by Red Hat and Red Hat Linux project was renamed in Fedora Project. Fedora Core is maintained by Red Hat developers while several others in the community have formed Fedora Extras as envisioned by Red Hat earlier.

Now both Fedora Core and Extras falls under the same legal and idealogical design of being a platform made up completely of Free and open source software. This leaves in some gaps like mp3 and DVD decrypting capability (legal limitations) along with other proprietary software managed by the Livna repository which is developed in sync and compatible with Fedora but not officially supported by the Fedora project.

Hopefully that clears it up


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