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Re: Yum update problem

Rahul Sundaram wrote:

> Now both Fedora Core and Extras falls under the same legal and
> idealogical design of being a platform made up completely of Free and
> open source software. This leaves in some gaps like mp3 and DVD
> decrypting capability (legal limitations) along with other proprietary
> software managed by the Livna repository which is developed in sync and
> compatible with Fedora but not officially supported by the Fedora project.
> Hopefully that clears it up

(1) I take it that fedora.us is identical (or nearly identical?) 
to Fedora Extras ?

In that case, would it not simplify life
if the term fedora.us were dropped?

(2) I gather that Livna is compatible (or almost compatible?)
with the official Fedora repositories ?

So one might call Livna "Fedora Extra Extra" ?

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