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Re: How can I use CD Player? [SECOND (better) question]

Hoffmann wrote:
--- Robin Laing <Robin Laing drdc-rddc gc ca> wrote:

Hoffmann wrote:

--- "N. James Bridge" <james xmas demon co uk>

I very rarely just play a CD on the computer
anymore. But if you want to just play, follow the original reply.

When you press play, and nothing happens, does this
mean that the CD does not even spin? Or that the CD spins and there
is no sound? What program are you trying to use? I have at least
three different players on my machine. Of course there is one other
question, is this a standard CD or a copy protected CD that will only
play in Windows? I have had one of those and it required Windows to
play on a computer. It was in the fine print on the CD.

I have never had a problem just playing a CD in
Linux since I started using Linux at home. DVD's have been more of an
issue but not that much.

Robin Laing

Hi Robin,

In response to your question, THE CD I HAVE IS THE
ORIGINAL STANDARD CD I just bought at Amazon.com.
Do you have any hint? I am really anxious to listen my
CDs on Fedora.

When you say Original Standard CD, are you talking about the standard or the title of the CD? What is the CD title?

Looking at the standards, there are multiple standards and that can make a difference. A CD that is a standard CD may not play as a normal CD and still have copy protection. This is looking more and more to be the case. Some copy protection may not be indicated on the CD in any way.

Have you tried a different player as suggested? How about playing other CD's? If you are talking about a new CD, I would be tempted to think that there is a good chance to have copy protection. Now there is some CD being manufactured that will work well in WMP but you are toast if you try any other computer OS. I have come across this on one CD that I purchased. I could not play it on my computer or my old CD player. I returned the CD and downloaded the music from the net. Try an old CD and work with that first.

I would do a further test but I don't have audio CD's handy and work is almost over.

Robin Laing

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