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FC3 -> FC4 -- now network is extremely slow

I upgraded my spare FC3 workstation to FC4 two days
after FC4 was released.  The upgrade went smoothly
(once I had "good" media - had to reburn 2 of the 4

I edited my /etc/hosts file to change the name of the
workstation.  Even after I did that, it still takes
forever on startup on the sendmail portion.  And my
wireless/wired router shows "unknown" for the host

But that's not the worst, as long as this FC4
workstation is turned on, none of the other
workstations/laptops on my network can't access the
internet.  Everything slows to a molasses like crawl
or stops functioning at all.  Once I turn off the FC4
workstation, the network reverts back to normal (100
MB wired/11 MB wireless).  

I scanned briefly the log files but couldn't find
anything interesting or a smoking gun.  I even
reviewed my router's log files - but nothing strange
there either. 

Any ideas on what could be the issue?  


Jon Moss

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