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x64_64bit version FC4 and CPU


 I've trying to upgrade hundreds of my machines with
Intel P4 CPUs from 32bit FC2 to FC4. But I don't know
whether the machines support Intel EM64T technologyor
not. If so then I can install FC4 x86_64 version. 

Is there a special flag in the output of "cat
/proc/cpuinfo" for this purpose?

The machines are from different vendors and of
different brands, like HP workstation XW4100, XW4200,
HP Compaq dc530, HP Compaq dc7100, Dell Poweredge 800,
etc. The BIOS versions are different as well. 

I can not open each machine's cover to figure out the
CPU model, stepping, etc because it is too tedious
since we have hundreds of Linux PCs.

Anyone has any good ways to identify whether a machine
can install x86_64bit FC4? and whether it is related
to BIOS version?

Thanks a looooooooooot !!!!!!!!!!

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