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Re: Audio bookmark/cue feature

Scott Talbot wrote:

> Ian Malone wrote:

>> My hardware mp3 player has a feature where
>> you press a button during play to mark the
>> start of a section, press it a second time
>> to mark the end and then that clip gets
>> repeated until you tell it otherwise.  It's
>> quite useful for language courses.  Does
>> anyone know of a Linux audio player with a
>> similar feature?

>> I know about the mp3cue plugin for XMMS; but >> it's really for defining sub-tracks once, >> rather than picking them "on the go."

> It's a bit of overkill, but Audacity will do that

Thanks, I'd forgotten about Audacity.  I also
found an XMMS plugin called RepeatIt which does
roughly what I want.  It had occurred that it
would be fairly trivial to write a plugin that
does exactly what I want, but I need a player
that allows plugins to receive keypresses
from the main window.

Just to define the problem a little further:
Audacity doesn't support playlists, its selection
controls are good but I'm looking for a simpler
"single button cycles" interface.  RepeatIt does
roughly what I want, but XMMS plugins presenting
any kind of UI need to have a seperate window.
It also uses three buttons rather than a single
button cycle and for some reason blocks the sound
card if it runs to the next track.  To be honest
it's under 800 lines of code, so I could fix
those last two, but I don't see any way of
overcoming the seperate window requirement in


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