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FC4 - As a Video Workstation

Thanks Alexander. Checked the printed steps I used and your comments lead me
to find the iptables-save did not take. I flushed the iptables and then executed the
iptable lines again and performed another save and got a funtioning router.

Now to the next question.

System to, render, is:

P4 2.53GHz
1gb RAM
64mb Video
onboard NIC and sound
hda     20gb HDD
hdb     DVD-ROM
hdc     150gb HDD
hdd     DVD+R/RW

My question is a suitable partition scheme. The machine will be used as a render
farm for Blender 3D and Moho 2D. I'm wanting to try and get some performance
increase, but more for safety; i.e. to be sure the large rendered files are protected.
So far I've come up with the following scheme:

hda1     /boot  1gb
hda2     /root 2gb
hda3     swap 1gb
hda4     /var 2gb
hda5     /usr  14gb

hdc1     swap 1gb
hdc2     /home 150gb

Any recommendations to changing this scheme welcomed.

God Bless,

GregS <><

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