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Re: Why FC4 using the Jpackage 1.4.2 Java?

--- Alexander Dalloz <ad+lists uni-x org> wrote:

> Am Sa, den 25.06.2005 schrieb ha haha um 16:29:
> >  I'm installing FC4 now, and find that FC4 uses
> > Jpackage Java by default instead of Sun Java. 
> > 
> >  The Jpackage is based on Java 1.4.2, too old for
> > security reasons and seems not recommended. 
> That is simply wrong. Sun develops and maintains
> both Java 1.4.2 and 1.5
> (5) in parallel. If you would look at java.sun.com
> you could quickly see
> that. It is important to look at the number suffix:
> 1.4.2 is at _08 and
> 1.5 at Update 4. And www.jpackage.org offers src.rpm
> package for both
> versions.

The 1.4.2 tree and 1.5 tree difference is something
like difference 2.4 kernel tree and 2.6 kernel tree,
both kernel trees are well maintained. But when you
have a chance to install a new machine, would you
prefer 2.4 kernel over 2.6? either for security or for
features or for performance or for easy maintenance?

> > in short, there are two confusing requirements
> above:
> > 
> > 1, Java 1.5+
> > 2, Rpms from Jpackage.org( but the version is
> 1.4.2
> > until now.), not Rpms from Sun.
> I don't really understand what confuses you. You may
> review Sun's page
> and the jpackage.org page (non-free section!).

I want a FREE version, best open-sources if possible,
of everything on FC4 Linux.

Offering an old free demonstration version to allure
users to pay for non-free version can not touch me at
all, if this is the case.

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