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Re: How to autologin as a superuser

On Saturday 25 June 2005 07:01, harshavardhanreddy mandeepala wrote:
> hi
> I am using Linux fedora core 3.
> How can i  autologin as a  superuser (root).

Why do you want to do that?  Are you looking for a system that is vulnerable?  
If so, you might get more kicks out of windows.

I urge you to use a normal account for everyday use of your system.  This 
gives you a lot of protection against break in attacks, against programs that 
misbehave and it will prevent the end user to make changes to critical parts 
of the system.  Doing it this way, gives YOU control over the computer.  

Using your computer with the root account, puts EVERYONE in control of your 
computer (programs, virus, hackers,...)

A real root login is only required in very few cases.  In general if you want 
to change a critical part, just do su -c 'critical command here' and the 
system will ask for the root password, execute the command and go back to the 

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