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RE: Setup Bind

First, I would recommend against having 2 nics on the same lan, when they
are not bound into 1 interface.  It just doesn't make networking sense.

The bind install is quite simple.  Once its installed, its ready to query.
You can even set the bind server to query itself, as it asks the root
servers first for DNS lookups.  The only time It would ask your ISPs DNS
servers anything, would be if you logged on, did something that needed a
lookup, and the /etc/resolve.conf said your ISPs DNS server.  Otherwise, I
would just specify the ip of your FC station as its own DNS.

But, there is really no configuration for a cacheing DNS server.  Just
install the rpm, set 'chkconfig named on', and start the daemon with
/etc/init.d/named start.

And your ready to go  :)


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 Hi all

Our provider frequently has these dns server problems.  The connection still

works but all DNS servers are down.  

So we want to have our own DNS server that caches the domain names.  When it

doesn't find it in his own cache, let him go ask the provider's.

I have put a FC station asside for that and BIND v9 is installed.

I want to let it listen only on eth1 (LAN), and do lookups on eth0 (WAN).
case you need to know, eth0, and eth1 are both on the same subnet, see 
http://www.vlaamse-kern.com/ee/network.png for details. (the new server for 
bind will be connected the same way as the other server

Anyone know how to do this?

Kind regards

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