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Re: Connecting 2 computers to the internet

I have an ancient asus box as my middle-man. It hasn't been rebooted for 64
days, and only then because we had a power failure. Before that it was 277
days. I was going for a year of uptime. It is running something like RH 8+.
Meaning to upgrade to FC, but..

As I recall, the magic incantation was to enable FORWARDING.

# Turn on forwarding
echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

Note that this needs to wait until you have your firewall up and running,

Hope this helps


On 6/25/05, Dotan Cohen wrote
>On 6/25/05, Bob Gustafson <bobgus rcn com> wrote:
>> If you are interested in cheap cheap, get another NIC for one of your
>> computers (I have seen them for $9.95) and configure that one as a firewall
>> - passing on packets to your other computer attached to the new NIC. You
>> can use a crossover cable to directly connect the NICs in the two
>> computers, thus avoiding the cost of a HUB.
>Thanks, that's exactly what I'm trying to do. The FC4 box has an
>onboard network connection (going to the winXP box with a crossover
>cable) and a NIC going to the modem. I got a little stuck on
>configuring the FC4 box because I wanted it to be the middle man. But
>it looks as if I'm going to have to do it with the winXP box because I
>can't get the winXP box online through the Fedora box. Tomorrow I'll
>put the spare NIC in the winXP box and try it as the middle man.
>If anybody on-list has gotten this to work successfully, then PLEASE
>share your setup with me! IPtables scripts a must!!! I don't want the
>winXP box as the middle man because I don't want to turn it on all the
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