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Re: Audio bookmark/cue feature

Tony Nelson wrote:

> At 12:29 PM +0100 6/25/05, Ian Malone wrote:

>> ...but I don't see any way of overcoming the seperate window
>> requirement in XMMS.

> I know /nothing/ about Audacity, but many plugin systems allow working
> with the current selection; could the plugin just repeat the selection > if there is one, and put up a window otherwise?

Audacity is a wave editor, capable of looping/playing a selection
mainly for preview purposes.  I found it very useful when ripping
from audio tape.  There's no need for a plugin to handle selections
but, because it's an editor rather than a player, selection is geared
towards editing (similarly there are no playlists).  It supports
plugins for editing waveforms.

XMMS on the other hand has a plugin called RepeatIt which does
pretty much exactly what you said (the window only needs to be open
to toggle repeat or to change its bounds), and almost exactly what I
want.  I'm really just being a bit picky; I want a plugin that can
very conveniently let me define a loop for a while then break out of
it, as this is quite useful for language study, and excess windows
annoy me.  It seems that adding something directly to a player UI via
a plugin is a very rare ability.  At the moment I'm looking at noatun,
which has some very lightweight UIs, including one called `Excellent'
that could probably be easily modified.


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