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Setup bind (sorry lost thread id) [SOLVED]

Hi all

Thank you for your help.

I successfully setup BIND on the new box and I find it amazing how this has 
increased the overal speed of our network.

I removed the isp's dns on all of the boxes and pointed them all to my own 
nameserver (including the nameserver itself)

In combination with the listen-on port 53 <local-ip> we are keeping it 

I just wanted to reply to a remark of someone that it isn't good to have two 
nics on the same network if they are not binded?

Could you comment on that please.

We basically choose that setup to not be forced to replace our 10/100 router, 
to have internal speed at 1000mbits, and to provide redundancy for the 
server, so in the case that the switch is not functioning, the server is 
still able to fullfull its httpd services.

With kind regards


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