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Re: Mail Server Help

Am So, den 26.06.2005 schrieb Ahmed Abdel-Aliem um 0:05:

> Hi, I am new to linux, tried some distributions but i liked FC very
> much and especially after the release of FC4 which is really amazing,
> i decided to leave windows forever, but there is some programs that i
> didn't find alternatives for it in linux.
> i like to be able to send emails from my computer directly, i used to
> do this in windows using "free smtp" program, but i don't know how to
> do it in linux, do i have to configure a mail server, and if i have
> to, what do i need to do that ??

> Ahmed Abdel-Aliem

Choose a mail client of your preference, like Evolution (Gnome), Kmail
(KDE), Sylpheed (Gtk) or whatever, and configure it to use your service
provider's mail host. This is not different on Fedora than you know it
as a Windows® user. No own mail server needed.


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