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Re: Which way to go finally ? -- Re: Why FC4 using the Jpackage 1.4.2 Java?

Am So, den 26.06.2005 schrieb ha haha um 2:39:

>  My current situation is:
>  tomcat 5.0, activemq and a lot of other java stuff
> are running under Sun Java 1.5 happily for quite a
> while without problems, while on Java 1.4 they did
> have some issues.
>  So if I upgrade my machine to FC4 and accept the
> default jpackage.org's 1.4.2 java, it is quite
> possible that my problems come back again.

Sorry, I must miss something. What makes you think jpackage.org has a
"default java", which is version 1.4.2?

>  Does jpackage.org have a 1.5.0 newer java released at
> free section? Then I don't need to download Sun Java
> 1.5.0?

Again, as Sun's Java license does not allow repackaging, you can find
Sun's Java RE only in the non-free section of jpackage.org in form of a
src.rpm skeleton. So you need to fetch the .bin file from java.sun.com
and run rpmbuild to get installable Java RPMs. And yes, J2RE 1.5.0
Update 3 is provided there.

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