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Re: Connecting 2 computers to the internet

Am So, den 26.06.2005 schrieb Dotan Cohen um 15:44:

> My ISP provided me with a static IP, so I think that the first
> solution seems better suited to my experience level and my
> relationship with the ISP. Most of what you said was very foreign to
> me, so I feel that I will be learning a lot this week.
> > Normally when connecting with you ISP he will
> > transmit the DNS information during the handshaking. When connecting
> > with Fedora this information can be used dynamically by the
> > if ifcfg-ppp0 for instance. This way /etc/resolv.conf will be
> > each time a connection is established.
> I understand that this is not automatic? Will I need to write a bash
> script? I know a little php, so I could learn a little bash. What file
> should I parse for this information? Or am I stumbling in the
> competely wrong direction?

You do not need to adjust the /etc/resolv.conf dynamically. If
PEERDNS=yes is set, then the network scripts Fedora has will do this job
automatically. That is the sense of this setting. If you do not use
PEERDNS, then the resolv.conf will not be touched by the scripts.

> > The trivial method now is to place these 2 DNS IP addresses into the
> > TCP/IP settings for the client host(s) behind the gateway.
> So I should write to the file that contains the TCP/IP settings? Er,
> which file is that?

I thought your client is a Windows® host. So set the DNS addresses there
in the TCP/IP settings - sorry, due to lack of a Windows® host I can't
direct you here. Should be available through network preferences.

> Dotan


P.S. Somehow your mail client setup erases the Fedora list reply-to

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