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Re: FC4 Samba config...

This is how you do it:



On Sun, 2005-06-26 at 17:36 +0200, Markus Huber wrote:
> Joe wrote:
> > I have tried and tried and tried to get Samba to work to no avail.  I
> > have followed tutorial after tutorial and none seem to work for me. 
> > Here's the problem.  I set up a samba share with pretty much the
> > default settings, but I change the auth to share.  I have a laptop
> > with XP on it and my desktop is a conglomeration of XP, Gentoo, and
> > FC4.  I can provide my smb.conf file if that is needed.  The problem I
> > have doesnt seem to be with the Samba but with the XP computer.  I
> > click on the Computer in Network neighborhood to access the shared
> > files, but a dialog box pops up saying that my linux computer is
> > either not available or I do not have sufficeint auth to access it. 
> > Anybody have some answers.  If I need to supply some more information
> > I can...
> > 
> You might have to set firewall rules. Have you tried to access your 
> samba share having the firewall on FC4 switched off? This would test if 
> you need to set it.
> Just a thought.
> -- 
> Regards
> Markus Huber

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