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Re: Qt app crash on FC3/4 when LANG=de_DE.UTF-8

At 5:50 PM +0200 6/26/05, Hans Müller wrote:

>Hello i have written a simple app in Qt. When the shell variable LANG is
>set to de_DE.UTF-8 then application crash when i try to exit, when i only
>quit it. But when i use the app and then quit it it will not crash. This
>happens only when LANG=de_DE.UTF-8. With LANG=de all is ok. Any ideas how
>to find the problem??

(I'm a linux / *nix newbie, know little about gdb, and nothing about Qt and
its debugging facilities.)

What would help you is a traceback showing the call chain at the time of
the crash.  Perhaps the Qt docs point to how to do that.  AIUI Qt apps are
written in C; if yours is then gdb is the tool to use.  I use ddd
(available from FC3) to run gdb so my brain won't explode:

# yum install ddd

Running your program inside ddd should let you see what is up.  Sometimes
clicking on the wrong thing will crash ddd (but I don't know /what/ wrong
thing yet).
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