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Re: truncated yum -- why?

At 4:19 PM +0200 6/26/05, Alexander Dalloz wrote:

>Am So, den 26.06.2005 schrieb Benjamin Sher um 7:53:
>> [Using Scientific Linux, which is based on RHEL 4]
>> When I type the command:
>> yum list installed
>> Benjamin
>Sorry to say, but you are completely wrong with your question here on
>this list. Either ask the Scientific Linux guys or try to find an answer
>on the yum list. The fact that Fedora ships yum does not mean this is
>the place to answer yum related questions for other OS.

Alexander is probably right, but just in case the problem is really stupid,
did the earlier output just scroll off the top of the window?  That is, is
the line before the first entry you see the command you typed, or are you
at the top already?  If so, try:

yum list installed | less

That is, pipe the output to a pager and look at it there.  You could also
save the output to a file and look at it in a text editor:

yum list installed >yumout.txt
gedit yumout.txt

You can also increase the scrollback area in gnome-terminal (and probably
any other terminal, what do I know) in the Edit menu Current Profile item
Scrolling tab.  Whatever setting you pick there won't always be enough. ;)
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