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Re: Mail Server Help

Ahmed Abdel-Aliem wrote:

Hi, I am new to linux, tried some distributions but i liked FC very
much and especially after the release of FC4 which is really amazing,
i decided to leave windows forever, but there is some programs that i
didn't find alternatives for it in linux.
i like to be able to send emails from my computer directly, i used to
do this in windows using "free smtp" program, but i don't know how to
do it in linux, do i have to configure a mail server, and if i have
to, what do i need to do that ??
can anyone help me with that plz ?
any help will be appreciated

In fedora you can chose from two different smtp servers, sendmail and postfix.
you can switch between them by using system-switch-mail. Switch mail doesn't
do anything with the settings for each server, so you have to create settings files
for whatever server you chose.

In my experience postfix is the one that is easiest to configure. Some people also
consider it the more secure of the two. There are lot of HOWTOs on the net on how to configure it. The default settings files is also quite helpful.

Read the documentation thorougly it is not a good idea to accidentally end up
as a gatway open for spammers.


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