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Re: Pink console on FC4

Jouni Viikari wrote:

Thanks for the replies. I can confirm that replacing the libvgahw.a
with the old one from mharris solved the problem also with Matrox G400.
(Had to reboot the box though).

I had to reboot one installation. (Intel 815) to get the colors normal again. On a computer with an Intel 865G, ctl-alt-backspacing was enough to restore the missing consoles without rebooting.

All starts to look good now. Had a long fight before. Selinux did not
upgrade too well from FC3... touch /.autorelabel did the most part

I guess enough has changed in programs and utilities to need a complete relabeling. I am getting ready to do a relabel myself, but via the s-c-securitylevel option. I know touch /.autorelabel is much easier in a root terminal. I just figured I'd test this feature when searching the tools available for Samba settings. I noticed there was a setting for Samba browsing also. I set this to allow browsing also. I wonder if this replaces the need for adding
135:tcp, 145:tcp, 138:udp, 139:udp to IP table rules?





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