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Re: Fedora as Appliance

Imho, your customized appliance distribution would probably be a lot more lightweight and compact if you build from something very basic, rather than start from Fedora and strip things out from there. Unless the "compactness" is not a requirement for your appliance :) But of course it'll probably be much easier to strip things out of Fedora :)



Ryan D'Baisse wrote:
My goal: To create a custom distribution of Linux (hopefully using Fedora) to act strictly as a SMTP, POP, and web server. I want to essentially try building a Fedora-based internet appliance for my mail server.
I want to build a Java/JSP-based email server... Java for the middle "worker" processes and JSP for configuration. I have already build the majority of Java utilities, that will function behind the scenes, and am now working on the JSP-based web application to configure the various Java components. I would hope to reuse existing reliable packages for the SMTP & POP3 pieces (for now).
I am looking for recommendations on the following...
1. Recommendations for the SMTP & POP3 daemons / packages;
2. Recommendations on the minimum packages needed for this;
3. Recommendations on good "how to" articles for building custom distributions; and,
4. Anything else that may be helpful.
As an FYI, I am building the Java/JSP pieces on Windows and testing on a FC4 virtual machine using VMWare. I have an older machine that ran FC2 & FC3 perfectly. Everything that is non-essential has been stripped out of the box (floppy, firewire, USB, sound card, etc.). Once I am done with this, I will be installing on that older box.

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