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Re: 1280x800 on VAIO VGN-T2XP/S?

On Mon, 2005-06-27 at 02:01 +0200, Markus Huber wrote:

> > However, power management has been a bear - specifically, suspend and
> > resume and 3D acceleration.  On FC3 (updated or stock), any GL
> > application will crash if started after suspend (sometimes taking the X
> > server with it and leaving the machine in a state that requires a
> > reboot, sometimes not).  I fixed this under FC3, but I haven't put FC4
> > on my machine yet.  Since you have it on there, does 3D acceleration
> > work after an ACPI suspend/resume cycle on your laptop under Fedora Core
> > 4?
> I did not even try to get 3D acceleration, because I wanted a 
> distribution which can handle the screen - and I am actually not using 
> apps which need 3D acceleration badly.

Unfortunately for me, I actually do need the 3D acceleration to run
some demonstrations for my students.

If your machine works under FC4 like mine does under FC3, then you
probably have 3D acceleration enabled by default, at least with one of
the fedora-generated xorg.conf files.

> So it seems I have to play around with Ubuntu a bit or give Suse 9.3 a 
> try (should be on their servers for free download this week).

The particular bug I ran into with 3D acceleration and suspend/resume
was fixed by the Ubuntu developers.  Using a patch from the Ubuntu
kernel and using a CVS version of xorg was the only way I got my laptop
to behave with FC3.  

Ubuntu certainly seems more laptop-friendly than Fedora.

I wish I could help with your widescreen issue, but unfortunately my
laptop is a little *too* compact to have a screen as wide as yours. :)

*  Charles E. "Rick" Taylor, IV <tomalek mindspring com>
*  Chemistry instructor / Mad scientist / Linux enthusiast!
*  Web: http://home.mindspring.com/~charletiv/

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