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Re: Becomin linux user ... the journey ... almost final part....

Mplayer rocks Benjamin! thanx for the tips! there's no gui but the
keyboard deals with it..
Hey, this should come together witch some of those player of there!! a
grent thing for new users.... xmms too... ogg is better but there's
lot of mp3 around...
So.. i'm thinking, after I made all this stuff to please ex-win users,
there's some way to put all this together in a .RPM ? 
grab-this-winoob.rpm ?

Uptading :

[x]  file editor with php support (screem but not yet figured out how
do dowload files from ftp)
does NVU have ftp sync options ? and syntaxe highlighting
[x]  amule for p2p needs (thanx do Teo, Joel , Alexander)
[x]  xmms for mp3 
[x] mplayer for videos
[x] k3b disc burn

non open source:
[ ] corel ? no one ? wine corel 12? use corel 9 for linux ? the
versions are the same ? I mean.
corel 9 was around 1999...
[ ] flash
[ ] FONTS - almost forget... how to bring my thousand of fonts to fc4?

Sorry for so many asks, but I actually work in publicity/marketing of
small company that buy parts and sell pcs. Theres lots of requests
about a machines without windows here, in special now our governament
lauched a project calld "PC POPULAR" something like PEOPLE-PC , I
think its a wonderful idea... maybe I'm not wrong, they will be puttin
a brasilian version of linux, called kurumim....(boots from cd) but I
believe in fedora... and want to put it in those computers we are
planning to sell.

So, its possible to make a image of my hd (i got norton ghost/win
works?) and put it in all computers ?!?!?
(except of course those programs I mentioned early that are not open-source)
iso1 -> athlons, maybe pentiums
iso2 -> athlons64

Install 1 by 1 will be realllyyyy painful....
Slide diffs between ram , maybe someones with sata, maybe another
mainboard manufacturer, it's possible to put latest nvidia and ATI
drivers ?

. m a r c o s    a u g u s t o  ;

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