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no mouse button functionality in FC3


I'm using FC3 on a Dell Latitude C840 with a PS2 logitech-three-button mouse (MouseMan). When I use any kernel greater than 2.6.9 the buttons on the mouse do not work. The mouse cursor moves and it highlights the windows I put it on (focus), but the buttons don't work. So for example, I navigate to the RedHat icon and the "Main Menu" label comes up, I click on the button to open the main menu and nothing happens. This occurs even with the latest kernel 2.6.11-1.35.

There were some posts about mouse problems with kernel 2.6 as compared to 2.4, but using kernel 2.6.9-1.681 the mouse buttons work fine. There is no problem with the mouse movement with kernels higher than 2.6.9 just the no response from the buttons.

I changed the setings in xorg.conf for emulate 3-buttons and made no difference. I restarted the gpm service and no difference.

Any ideas?


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