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Re: [FC4]Samba doesn't accessible to Windows

Jay Scherrer wrote:

On Sun, 2005-06-26 at 14:50 -0400, fedora-list-request redhat com wrote:

Subject: Re: [FC4]Samba doesn't accessible to Windows
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Marcel Janssen wrote:

On Sunday 26 June 2005 12:50, Leon Pu wrote:

Hi all,

my samba share cannot be accessed by Windows computers in my


It always return "N-3 is not accessible. The network name cannot be

But I can access these Windows shares in Konqueror by


At the end of the mail is my smb.conf, please have a look.

Actually I have a simlar problem. When I start samba at boot, it will


When I start samba (sometimes needed multiple time before it really


using swat it works.
Beats the hell out of me why it behaves like this but it is



Hello All,

I had the same samba problem with FC4, along with a problem getting active my ppp0 internet DSL interface at boot, this two services was refusing to start at boot. This two services was working OK before my update from FC3

I think that it was having something to do with SE, because to
solution this I had to turn off SE, reboot, then turn on SE & reboot again,
this (I think) relabeled the entire file system & after this; no more problems with the smb & ppp0 services getting working ok.

best regards

Teo Fonrouge

Can you give complete details with this solution? I haven't tried this
but it seems logical. I've been racking my head with this same problem,
But I'm still in FC3. I can smb over into Windows all day, but have no
authority to smb from windows to Linux. How did do you turn-on, turn-off
SE-Linux? Have you submitted this work around to anyone?

Jay Scherrer

Hello Jay,

You can find the 'Security Level' gui utility in the 'System Configuration' menu. Run it (you need to provide root password), select the SELinux tab and deselect the Enabled checkbox, reboot, and again, select the Enabled checkbox, reboot, this may take a while because the relabel process.

Regarding your issues with your smb network, it would be usefull if you provide us with a copy of your /etc/samba/smb.conf file to take a look into it.

Back in to FC3 I never had troubles with my smb network, this issue came with my new FC4 installation. So I think that your trouble may be more a smb configuration one.

best regards

Teo Fonrouge

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