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Re: Browsers for those IE-only sites

Dotan Cohen wrote:
On 6/25/05, Robin Laing <Robin Laing drdc-rddc gc ca> wrote:

Again, the standards are for the Internet, not just english version of
the Internet.  They are just being lazy.

I was refering to the selection of English sites. If an
English-language website refuses to use compliant code, then chances
are that there will be a competing site that does. We don't have that
selection. The opposite- it seems that all the Israeli sites use the
same Microsoft technology to author the site. Am I supposed to tell
the entire industry to switch tools because there is one idiot in
Haifa that won't let his wife use Windows?

This still does not justify not using the "Standards.' Oh, yea, I have to remember that Microsoft is the expert at not using "standards" in both IE and their Java. Of course sites depending on MS java are having problems with those that don't have the MS version of Java anymore.

In one case I emailed the Webmaster about this problem and provided them a link on the MS/Sun ruling and that showed that the MS version was not going to be distributed with new Windows. He was not happy as they would have to redesign their site.

Any decent webmaster will know how to use the validator.  If they
don't then in my book they cannot be a decent webmaster.

They may not be decent- but they are state-of-the-industry. That is the state of the industry here.

OOo 2.0 seems to be much better at this point.  In fact better than
between different versions of MS Office.  Heck because of problems
between MS Office, many around work here either use OOo or LaTex.
Depending on here studies, then standard compliance should be
important.  Point the professor to OASIS.

I just tried to open a .doc that I got in the mail today from a
catering company. Unreadable in Writer 1.9: I can't even see letters.
I disk-on-keyed it to the XP box and it looked just like it was, well,
just as if it was written for that program! That may be because it was
in hebrew. But I'm not going to tell every company to send me their
proposals in this-or-that format. Then I'd be no better than Ety's

This sounds like a font problem. I have ran into it myself. The pages open blank but actually have text. I agree that it is a pain. I had to select all the text and then change the font if I am correct.

I find that strange.  I have to do some work on a Windows XP pro
machine and I find that it is so very slow.  The machines are the same.

I just installed FC4 this morning, and have not yet added one single
program, except for the yum update. And here I type in Gmail, faster
than the letters can appear on the screen. It's like typing on telnet.
This was a fresh install, no update. AMD Duron, 512mb ram. I flip the
KVM over to the P4, 256mb ram WinXP box and have no problem typing. I
think that the letters appear before I raise my finger from the key.

You are not the only person that has pointed this out. Now there has been suggestions on how to speed up FC4 but I don't know the answer. Some have said it is much slower than FC3 and could depend on hardware. Search the archives on this one.

If you want to make it easy just run update via cron.  All done.  I
don't but it takes only a few minutes to do it and it doesn't
interfere with work.  Not like Winodws that requires reboots with
almost everything.  I hate rebooting.  My 8 yr old can even make
changes to her desktop and stuff.  This is self taught.

If he's learning it for the first time- then yes. If he's relearning
from a windows background, then that's something else.

Very true. I haven't really used Windows much since WFWG 3.11. My experiences with all versions of Windows since has not be great. Even my new XP pro Dell would crash 2 or 3 times a day yet works great in Linux. Needless to say, I dumped the XP Pro from the machine.

My father uses a program for ham radio work.  There are Linux boxes
put in sites that have not had human access for over a year.  They are
still working.

Yeah, I hate the reset-crap. I just had a bad experience with that
stupid XP box deciding to update itself and then reset itself at 4 in
the morning while I was downloadeding FC4 on it in my sleep- it reset
itself while two of the disks were at 638mb and 626mb from a total of
640mb!!! I couldn't restart the transfers.... AAGGGHHH!!!!

Yuch.  Now if you could only bill Microsoft for the lost time.

Attaching to a cable modem can be a headache depending on teh
provider.  My mother-in-law requires a stupid program to connect and
that is a problem.  Again I will give you credit here as the ISP
probably provided a disk to setup the computer.  Put in and the
software is installed and configured.  Mention Linux to them and they
sound as stunded as a deer in headlights.

Here's where I found a way to make a difference- I switched ISP's when
I installed FC3. My ISP said that they don't support Linux, I said
goodbye. I called all (three) of the local ISP's and made it clear
that I don't want a month free and I don't want a ballon. I want tech
support for linux. I found one, thankfully.

I solved my problem by using a D-Link DSL router/hub. It deals with all the Internet connection aspects.

Robin Laing

Dotan Cohen

Robin Laing

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