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Re: Sendmail Return-Path?

Am Mo, den 27.06.2005 schrieb Phil um 21:45:

> How can I configure Sendmail to put a specific email address in the Return-Path?
> I have configured my Reply-To address but in you look at the headers
> for a sent email the Return Path is still listed at
> user sendmailservername localdomain
> Basically we are emailing our customers from this server and one of
> our customers users a white list. Now we gave them our reply to
> address for their white list but that did not work... we had to give
> them apache localhost localdomain for now... not very professional...
> How can I sent a specific Reply-To and have the Return-Path be the
> same... I have tried the Masquerade option and that changes the domain
> of the Return-Path but I also need to change the User listed in the
> return path...

What you are looking for is called masquerading:


So either use the masquerade feature for whole domains or the generics
feature for specific addresses.

But the first step is naturally to set a valid hostname for the Sendmail
host. In addition see



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