No list email - and now I know why

Don Levey fedora-list at
Mon Jun 27 20:22:45 UTC 2005

fedora-list-bounces at wrote:
> I can see from the archives that there has been consistent list
> traffic throughout the weekend, but I haven't seen anything since
> 4:38am (Eastern US time) on Friday.  I've gotten other mail from
> elsewhere; has there been some sort of change in the delivery rules
> which would account for this?
>  -Don

To follow up - I found from going through my server logs that I was indeed
accumulating email for this account - or at least other servers are
connecting.  Trying to get in through Squirrelmail, however, gives me:

ERROR : Could not complete request.
Reason Given: Internal error occured. Refer to server log for more
information. [2005-06-27 12:31:25]

The errors matching that timestamp in the maillog file tell me that:
	"file isn't in mbox format"

Going in via mutt asks me if I want to create the file, as it doesn't exist
(!).  Going to ~user/~mail/.imap, the file 'Inbox' is there, and last
touched on Friday morning.  I can get to other folders for this user (such
as Trash) but I can't move a message to the Inbox.  The file
/var/spool/mail/<user> is there, last touched this morning (so I must be
accumulating the messages there - the last message is from just a few
minutes ago).

Googling on the error itself brought me to this:

"I cannot reproduce this error everytime, but it seems to happen when
Outlook tries to delete the first message (the first message in the
file, message on top) in the /var/mail/user file."

The post goes on to say that this is a problem with Outlook as a MUA, and
that deleting the first two lines of the /var/spool/mail/<user> file works
like a charm.  And indeed it does.  I'm now downloading 885 messages that
this account accumulated in the interim.


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